If you are someone who wants to quit but never goes ahead does anything about it thinking that you will quit tomorrow then just understand that maybe the time is not on your side and you must do something about that today. Following are few reasons why you must stop smoking today.


Few facts or ill effects of smoking cigarettes


  • There are around 1.1 billion people around the globe who we can call smokers. It is believed that till 2025 this number could increase and become 1.6 billion if the trend still continues. This isestimated by WHO (World Health Organization)
  • Every 5 seconds a smoking related death occurs which leads toaround 6 million deaths each year just because of Tobacco.Tobacco kills more people than malaria, tuberculosis and HIV all three combined.
  • You could not only get lung cancer but other health issues or cancer like stomach, kidney, cervix, throat, mouth, bone marrow etc.
  • You’re not only at the risk of getting cancer but also stroke or heart problems like coronary heart issues around 200% to 400%.
  • A traditional cigarette on average contains nicotine around 8 to 9 mili grams per cigarette.
  • There are various kinds of chemicals used in making cigarette. Typically around 4000 in which 250 of them are known or considered as harmful and around 50 of them are known to cause or increase thechances of cancer.
  • Hydrogen cynacide, radioactive lead and polonium are all found in cigarettes. All very harmful. Hydrogen cynacide were in fact used as a genocidal agent back at time of World War II.
  • It is believed that most of the youth coming from the Western Pacific area (Pacific, Oceana and East Asia) are mostly like to die from the use of tobacco.
  • Around 20% of the globes population is only protected bythe smoking law and these mostly belong to countries with high income.
  • Around 100 million people have died in the 20th century around the world and now it is claimed that it might kill around a billion people by the end of the 21stcentury if proper steps are not been taken against smoking.
  • Not only that there are other problems such an ill effect of smoking cigarette is that it reduces the sperm count in men and amongst women it affects the baby during pregnancy. Also smoking increases the chances of developing skin diseases like Psoriasis and also it creates an imbalance in the blood circulation.
  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO) all will die because of the use of tobacco.




So if you’re a smoker try and quit it already as you will not be saving yourself but also saving your loved ones from passive smoking and also you will be setting an example for your close ones that life without smoking is also possible and also you will be reducing the chances of dying from lung cancer, heart problems, cervix cancer, mouth cancer or other cancers in general.